LLC "Capital Shipping Company" pays special attention to ensure the safety of passengers during their stay on board of our ships.

The Company's policy in the field of maritime safety and pollution prevention is to ensure the safe practice of shipping in carrying passengers, to create a safe and healthy work environment for each employee ensuring the prevention of environmental pollution on each boat with provision of all necessary means.

For these purposes, the Company's management team provides at all levels understanding, adoption and implementation of policies requiring:

- To ensure safe stay on board for each passenger;
- To protect all personnel from injuries and accidents during the execution of their duties.
- To demonstrate by instruments of the Company that the passenger traffic is carried by the Company with full responsibility.
- To develop the sense of personal responsibility in all employees in relation to health and safety of passengers, as well as protection of the environment.
- To demonstrate that the safe forms of work are an essential element of effective management.
- To prevent incidents that could result in accidents, disasters, or environmental damage.

For these purposes, only highly skilled workers are accepted for work in the company, physically qualified and meeting the requirements of the STCW Convention - 78/95, as well as existing national regulations. Indeed, from the moment when the passenger has boarded the vessel, he/she is completely subject to authority and orders of the captain

At the crew designation the Company:

- Ensures that personnel associated with the provision of services offered by the Company shall be sufficiently experienced and trained to carry out its assigned tasks;
- Determines the need in training of the staff through effective evaluation of each employee's efficiency.
- Organizes appropriate training for individual employees.
- Encourages the highly skilled and experienced staff to share experience and knowledge with less experienced employees.
- Is guided by the requirements of national and international regulations regarding crew designation.

The Company has developed and implemented a safety management system which includes among others the measures for ensuring the readiness of the Company to respond effectively to dangerous situations at any moment, as well as to the accidents or critical circumstances affecting the safety of ships of the Company or the environment. According to this emergency exercises are held regularly on vessels, and they have the main purpose to prepare skilful and knowledgeable crew on board, which is able to act effectively in emergency situations.

The Company has established procedures to ensure the content and maintenance of vessels and equipment in accordance with the requirements of relevant national and international rules and regulations. All examinations are conducted in accordance with the prescribed time limits designated by the Shipping Register of Ukraine; due to such examinations each ship receives a number of certificates permitting its use. The vessels are subject to mandatory inspection of the sanitary, quarantine and fire services, with the subsequent issuance of required documents. Shipping Inspectorate monitors the implementation of all mandatory requirements and regulations navigational safety in our vessels.

The company operates vessels only upon availability of all duly delivered instruments attesting its compliance with the standards (rules and regulations) of applicable law.

The main documents certifying compliance with the Company's safety requirements are the following:

  • License No. 482 205 AB for the right to transport passengers by river transport company;
  • Document № 07.351.025 of compliance of the Company with the requirements of the International Management Code for the Safe Operation of Ships.