General rules

General rules of conduct of passengers on the ships of the Company

Passengers are any persons who are not the members of the crew of a vessel; they shall strictly comply with public order rules on-board of the vessel as well as rules of use by passenger the river vessels, requirements for navigational safety, sanitary and fire safety regulations.

Place for smoking is located on the open deck and fitted with a special ash-bin. Smoking in any other part of the vessel is prohibited by fire regulations.

The vessel is equipped with all necessary equipment to ensure safe navigation and fully complies with all applicable Ukrainian standards of navigation and protection of life on the water. In emergency situations the evacuation of passengers from the boat shall be carried by the crew under the leadership of captain. If necessary, all passengers are given the lifejackets by the crew. Passengers will be informed of all the necessary actions through the ship's radio transmission network, and directly from members of the crew.

During the stay on board the vessel or at the terminal passengers are not allowed to:

- Begin to embark or disembark before the complete mooring, filing and securing the ladder;
- Move from the vessel to the terminal or in the opposite direction not going the ladder;
- Enter the fenced area at the fore and aft;
- Open doors of the main entrances to the vessel and any other service entrances of the vessel;
- To throw overboard matches, cigarette butts and any other debris. The vessel is equipped with special boxes for garbage collection at the open deck, bar and toilets;
- Swim in jumping outboard, jump into the water; hang over the rail fence of the deck;
- Transport in areas of the vessel objects with dimensions over 150x100x50 cm;
- Enter and remain in the premises, and in places of location of ship's equipment and mechanisms;
- Use the ship's bell, take away life savers, and deploy life jackets;
- Stay on the upper deck of the ship before the pilot room windows;
- Use fire and pyrotechnics (flares, firecrackers, fireworks, sparklers, sound and light missiles, etc.);
- Attach any materials in the vessel’s premises to the walls, ceiling and floor;
- Place in the vessel’s premises promotional materials without the consent of the freighter.

Breach of public order on board, damaging the vessel property shall be liable in accordance with applicable law of Ukraine. After the trip all the passengers are required to leave the vessel in an orderly manner.