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Much time has passed and a lot of water has flowed down the Dnieper from the time when the ancient Kievan hills saw Saint Andrew the First-called and where his fateful words "Here the city shall be ..." had been sounded.

Since the times of Kievan Rus the capital city of Kiev was called the "second Jerusalem". Since ancient times, Kiev slopes have been attracting like a magnet people of trade, wandering monks and wise men ... Gray waves of the Dnieper remember the rooks of legendary Prince Oleg, during his campaign "from the Varangians to the Greeks." And for good reason, Kiev became the mother of Russian cities, and even now has kept something inexplicably attractive in its architecture and the Dnieper slopes.

The "Riverest" Company invites you to an exciting and memorable tour along the Dnieper River on our comfortable riverboats "Riverest" and plunge into the fascinating atmosphere of the historical panorama of the capital. Trip along the Dnieper River will give you an excellent opportunity to see ancient monuments such as St. Andrew's Church, the golden domes of Kiev-Pechersk Lavra, the Magdeburg Rights Column, the monument to the Baptist of Rus - Kievan prince Vladimir Monomakh, the ancient Vydubitsky monastery.

And, as if scrolling the film, you will see modern monuments that have become symbols of the modern history of the city: the monument "Motherland" and modern bending Arch of Friendship of Peoples.

River cruise aboard the luxury ships of the "Riverest" Company will bring you many of the most pleasant sensations.

Make your holiday unforgettable!

Kiev Panorama

Trip along the Dnieper River - is the best way to distract from everyday problems, busy schedule, and it is a wonderful chance to relax and enjoy the beauty of the Dnieper slopes. You will be able to admire the scenery of the Right and Left bank, to see the ancient temples of Podil District. A “travel” along the Dnieper River on the ship "Riverest" will allow you to capture photos of majestic domes of Kiev Pechersk Lavra, a unique complex in the Ukrainian Baroque style - Vydubitsky and St. Michael's Monasteries.

Departure time: every day at filling the ship
Terminal No. 13
Duration of the trip: 1 hour.

Weekend program!

Trip to the estuary of the Desna River with a picnic on the island.

Weekends are created to make you devote yourself to you and your family. Why not to make them special and unforgettable?

The "Riverest" Company invites you to take a fascinating trip aboard a luxury ship to the estuary of the Desna River with a picnic on the island!

The island is situated at the confluence of the Desna and the Dnieper Rivers, not far from Vyshgorod. This is the most beautiful place in the city for recreation on the landscape with beautiful sandy beaches, flower meadows, pine forests and the purest Desna’ water! This is just where we stop for a picnic!

Barbecue lunch on the island (kebab, salad, side dish, drink) is included.

Our amusements organizers will arrange for you an active outdoor recreation: football, volleyball, badminton, Frisbee, darts, archery and air rifles shooting at the shooting gallery.

Especially for fans of extremal aquatic recreation we offer the services of our rental center and get an adrenaline rush in testing yourselves in the following:

  • Wave runner
  • Water ski
  • “Bombardier” cutter
  • “banana”
  • “tablet”

Fresh air, sunshine, swimming, recreation – everything that is necessary for an unforgettable and bright weekend!

Departure time: 13.00
Saturday, Sunday, holidays
Terminal No.6
Travel time from the terminal to the Veliky Island – 1 hour
Duration of stay at the island – 2.5 hours
Duration of the trip: 5 hours

Obligatory advance reservation by phone:
Minimal number of passengers for departure - 60 persons.

Trip to the Kiev Sea with the passage of the Gateway

An exciting 3-hour trip along the Dnieper with the passage of the gateway and entering the Kiev Sea will be interesting and informative event for children and adults. During the trip you can see how the ship passes the gateway and enters the Kiev Reservoir. After the short tour on the waters of the Reservoir the boat returns, and you will keep a lot of new experiences.

Departure time: 16:30
Saturday, Sunday, holidays
Terminal No.6
Duration of the trip: 3 hours

You are not allowed to bring your food and drinks on board!